Movies, Music and Plays

Movies, Music and Plays

A surprisingly long list of movies had plots relating to or made reference to Reno/divorce. Some of the movies included songs, in this bibliography only the popular songs that stood on their own are listed, along with two major plays.

Motion Pictures

1957    Affair in Reno.  Directed by R. G. Springsteen.  Republic Pictures.

1960    The Apartment.  Directed by Billy Wilder.  The Mirisch Corporation, United Artists.

1937    The Awful Truth.  Directed by Leo McCarey.  Columbia Pictures Corporation.

1941    Bedtime Story.   Directed by Alexander Hall.  B. P. Schulberg Productions, Columbia Pictures.

1947    Born to Kill.  Directed by Robert Wise.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1944    Bride by Mistake.  Directed by Richard Wallace.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1940    Buck Benny Rides Again.  Directed by Mark Sandrich.  Paramount Pictures.

1969    Cactus Flower.  Directed by Gene Saks.  Frankovich Productions, Columbia Pictures.

1939    Charlie Chan in Reno.  Directed by Norman Foster.  Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.

1941    Dive Bomber.  Directed by Michael Curtiz.  Warner Brothers.

1917    The Divorcee.  Directed by William Wolbert.  Vitagraph Company of America.

1946    Easy to Wed.  Directed by Edward Buzzell.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1950    Father of the Bride.  Directed by Vincente Minnelli.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1939    5th Avenue Girl.  Directed by Gregory La Cava.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1926    Forbidden Waters.  Directed by Alan Hale.  Metropolitan Pictures Corporation of California.

1944    The Heavenly Body.  Directed by Alexander Hall.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1940    His Girl Friday.  Directed by Howard Hawks.  Columbia Pictures Corporation.

1951    His Kind of Woman.  Directed by John Farrow.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1953    How to Marry a Millionaire.  Directed by Jean Negulescu.  Twentieth Century-Fox Corporation.

1939    In Name Only.  Directed by John Cromwell.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1956    Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Directed by Don Siegel.  Walter Wanger Productions.

1949    John Loves Mary.  Directed by David Butler.  Warner Brothers.

1954    The Last Time I Saw Paris.  Directed by Richard Brooks.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1936    Libeled Lady.  Directed by John Conway.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1925    Lightnin’.  Directed by John Ford.  Fox Film Corporation.

1930    Lightnin’. Directed by Henry King.  Fox Film Corporation.

1944    Maisie Goes to Reno.  Directed by Harry Beaumont.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1937    Manhattan Merry-Go-Round.  Directed by Charles Reisner.  Republic Pictures.

1916    The Matrimonial Martyr.  Directed by Sherwood MacDonald.  Balboa Amusement Producing Company

1934    Merry Wives of Reno. Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone.  Warner Brothers.

1944    Miracle of Morgan’s Creek.  Directed by Preston Sturges.  Paramount Pictures.

1961    The Misfits.  Directed by John Huston.  Seven Arts Production/UA.

1948    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.  Directed by H. C. Potter.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1941    No Hands on the Clock.  Directed by Frank MacDonald.   Paramount Pictures.

1931    Night Life in Reno.  Directed by Raymond Cannon.  Supreme Pictures.

1928    On to Reno.  Directed by James Cruz.  James Cruz Productions.

1915    On the Road to Reno.  Written by Emmett C. Hall.  Lubin Manufacturing Company.

1946    One More Tomorrow.  Directed by Peter Godfrey.  Warner Brothers.

1956    The Opposite Sex.  Directed by David Miller.  Metro-Goldwyn-Miller.

1943    The Palm Beach Story. Directed by Preston Sturges.  Paramount Pictures.

1931    Peach O’Reno.   Directed by William Seiter.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1954    Phffft.  Directed by Mark Robson.  Columbia Pictures Corporation.

1940    The Philadelphia Story.  Directed by George Cukor.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1922    The Primitive Lover.  Directed by Sidney Franklin.  Constance Talmadge Film Company.

1923    Reno. Directed by Rupert Hughes.  Goldwyn Pictures Corporation.

1930    Reno.  Directed by George Crone.  Sono-Art Productions.

1939    Reno.  Directed by John Farrow.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1927    A Reno Divorce.  Directed by Ralph Graves.  Warner Brothers.

1924    Reno or Bust.  Directed by Archie Mayo.   Christie Film Company.

1930    Reno or Bust.  Directed by Bryan Foy.  The Vitaphone Corporation.

1910    A Reno Romance.  Directed by Harry Solter.  Independent Moving Pictures Corporation of America.

1931    The Road to Reno. Directed by Richard Wallace.  Paramount Pictures.

1938    The Road to Reno.  Directed by S. Sylvan Simon.  Universal Pictures.

1951    Reunion in Reno.  Directed by Kurt Neumann.  Universal International Pictures.

1946    The Second Woman.  Directed by James V. Kern.  Cardinal Pictures.

1964    Send Me No Flowers.  Directed by Norman Jewison.  Universal Pictures.

1950    A Stolen Life.  Directed by Curtis Bernhardt.  Warner Brothers.

1934    Story Conference II.  Directed by Roy Mack.  The Vitaphone Corporation, Warner Brothers.

1946    Vacation in Reno.  Directed by Leslie Goodwins.  RKO Radio Pictures.

1921    Wedding Bells.  Directed by Chester Withey.  Constance Talmadge Film Company.

1939    The Women.  Directed by George Cukor.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1937    Young and Innocent.   Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.  Gaumont British Picture Corporation.

1937    You’re Only Young Once.  Directed by George B. Seitz.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Guthrie, Woody
1949    Philadelphia Lawyer.  Words and music by Woody Guthrie.  Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc., New York.

Schwartz, Jean, and William Jerome
1910    I’m on my Way to Reno.  Vocals by Billy Murray.  Jerome H. Remick and Company, New York.


Luce, Clare Boothe
1937    The Women.  A Comedy in Three Acts.  In The Best Plays of 1936-1937, edited by Burns Mantle.  Dodd, Mead and Company, New York.

Smith, Winchell, and Frank Bacon
1918    Lightnin’.  Played in the Gaiety Theater, Broadway, New York from 26 August 1918 to 27 August 1927.